Creating virtual disk in memory (Windows)

Sometimes we need to create many temporary files - for example, for creating movie from image sequence. Saving files onto HDD or SSD drive is ok, but, for fastening that it's possible to create temporary virtual into memory (RAM)! For Windows, it's ImDrive: Install it and use Control Panel of Windows to create, format and delete virtual drives.

Using Microsoft Computer Vision API with curl

Microsoft provides a powerful online Computer Vision API which allows to analyze images and provide the JSON data with the following features: Objects on the image with bounding boxes and confidence: "rectangle":{"x":25,"y":132,"w":954,"h":776},"object":"fountain","confidence":0.561 Tags describing the image: "name":"nature","confidence":0.999956488609314 C ategories with general description: "name":"outdoor_water","score":0.9921875 Captions with text description of the image: "text":"a large waterfall over a rocky cliff", "confidence":0.91645835840611234 The full list of features is the following: Adult - detects if the image is pornographic in nature (depicts nudity or a sex act). Se

AI libraries list

Currently most popular libraries work with Python: PyTorch - Keras/TensorFlow - But, for realtime project, we required to use C++-based approaches. So, libraries working with C++: PyTorch again - has C++ interface. dlib   - C++ library with machine learning and deep learning algorithms Darknet - CPU/GPU library, contains famous YOLO recognizer. OpenCV -   - aggregator of many computer vision and machine learning algorithms, including YOLO. Caffe2 -

When to create Blueprint project and when C++ in Unreal Engine?

Working with "pure" Blueprint project is simpler and faster, because you don't need Visual Studio C++ installed on the computer and don't need to compile the project. But if you will need C++-capabilities in BP project, you can add C++ class in the project and you project turns to be C++. So, for simple and test projects I propose to start with BP. For "big" project I propose to use C++ project from the beginning, because actually C++ is currently much more supported when BP in Unreal Engine.

VR settings in Unreal Engine

To set up scale of the world in VR, double click "World settings" - it's root of the World outliner, and change VR - World to meters value:

Working with MIDI in Unreal Engine Blueprint

Unreal Engine 4 have built-in support for working with MIDI using a built-in plugin. We will discuss how to work with it for receiving MIDI events in your UE project. Note: Sending MIDI messages is declared, but it's unknown how to do it with this plugin, so actually only receiving MIDI events working for now. We will see how to obtain MIDI events from sliders, faders and buttons from MIDI controllers such as Korg Nano Kontrol or Novation Launch Pad or software such as Ableton Live into your UE project. Preliminary note: If you need to pass MIDI events from Ableton Live to UE scene in Windows, you need to create virtual MIDI port using free app loopMIDI . On Mac OS virtual MIDI port can be created inside Ableton Live. Working with MIDI in UE is simple, because it has built-in plugin for this purpose. So, let's start. 1. Activate MIDI plugin Go to UE's menu Edit - Plugins and activate MIDI Device Support plugin, and then restart the UE Edito